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I am Gavin Brown, big high heid yin at West Coast Photos. The company began some 6 years ago, like so many others, almost by accident..................

I liberated a friend's camera at a couple of weddings that I had been invited to as a guest. I would snap away all day, deliver the camera back later in the evening and then wait for him to upload the photos. Looking back now they were truly terrible, but the seed was sown and I soon ended up with a second hand DSLR and a few lenses. Off I went happily taking pictures of everything and anything. Through time I began to learn to get the best from the camera and to let my creative side shine.

Nowadays I spend a lot more time concentrating on Weddings, gaining valuable experience with every big day captured. I feel that I have started to develop a style which people can identify as me. This continues, and, to be honest, may never stop, evolving as the industry becomes more competitive and creative.


My other passion is motorsport and I still try to get out on the Rally stages as often as possible and I am one of only 5 MSA Level II accredited photographers in Scotland

The disciplines learned and honed in wedding photography coupled with my easy going attitude on the big day allow me to deliver a professional, friendly and confident service, as much there to help the groom do up his cuff links or hide some hankies in my camera bag for an over-emotional chief bridesmaid as I am  to capture the day.

Why not get in touch using the form below to see if I can assist you with your needs, regardless of whether that involves a 12 hour wedding extravaganza or a 15 minute product shoot, pop me a request and I'll get back to you with some prices and advice

Thanks for having a look around


PS I  like a danish pastry!!!