I am Gavin Brown, big high heid yin at West Coast Photos. The company began some 10 years ago, like so many others, almost by accident..................

I've been shooting weddings since about 2010, starting out by looking after close friends and family on shoestring budgets and then, with time and a wee bit more experience moving in to the business properly and delivering a more professional product.

The past 4 years have seen West Coast Photos transition from a hobby business into a fully professional set up. Always looking to expand my knowledge and skills I regularly attend workshops with some of the leading wedding photographers in the UK. I have very much settled into a style which I am comfortable shooting and delivering, but I'm not afraid to live life on the edge from time to time!

I shoot Canon with, predominantly, 35mm and 85mm prime lenses. Other favourite pieces of glass will make appearances should conditions suit/require them but the 2 fixed length lenses allow me to adjust the depth of field and create wonderful bokeh in all situations on the day. The 35mm in particular is, some say, the closest thing you will get to what the human eye sees, perfect for capturing the day just as it was.

Thanks for having a look around. Feel free to fill in the form below with some basics and I will get back to you ASAP


weddings@westcoastphotos.co.uk       Tel: 07979963609

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